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You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is five years old and trying his best. But things just don’t seem to go his way: his kite won’t fly, the Little Red-Haired Girl won’t look at him, and he’s not even sure his dog Snoopy likes him all that much!

Performed at Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate.

"The real star of the show was the beautifully imagined sets, props and costumes which brought together iconic elements I remembered from watching the cartoons as a child: from Snoopy’s doghouse to Lucy’s Psychiatry Booth and the school bus. Kudos to Ruby Boswell-Green for her clever set" - ★★★★ review by Srabani Sen for London Pub Theatres Magazine

 "The set was a charming nod to the original medium. There were interactive staging elements that I didn’t expect, which came as a lovely surprise." - review by Eleanor for Theatre and Tonic

Director Amanda Noar Assistant Director Isaac Bernier-Doyle Musical Director Harry Style Producer Annlouise Butt 

Set Designer & Scenic Artist Ruby Boswell-Green Costume Designer Holly Louise-Chapman Carpenter/Set Builder Michael Giambrone 

Lighting Designer Jen Watson Sound Designer Phil Stannard Stage Manager Molly Tackerberry Production Assistant Angie Lawrence 

Cast Jordan Broatch, Millie Robins, Oliver Sidney, Troy Yip, Jacob Cornish, Eleanor Fransch Photography Simon Jackson

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