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After Rhinoceros: The Red Pill


The design of this play was laced with maximalism, surrealism and transformative qualities. Rhinos storm a college campus and ignite issues of sexism, racism and modern day digital virtue signalling and fakery. 
How can any of this be real? And yet it is happening. 

Writer Nessah Muthy Director Debbie Hannan Set & Costume Designer Ruby Boswell-Green Design assistant Melissa Pettitt 

Scenic Artist Gabrielle Moore Lighting Designer Jack Porter Sound Designers Jonathan Daglish & George Rigby 

Stage Manager Claire Hill DSM Eleanor Walton ASM Annie Keane Cast Harriet Chomley, Casey Giolito, Meredith Lewis, Ramat Musa, Yasemin Ozdemir, Wyatt Varley, Garyn Williams, Gabriel Scott. 

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